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He is a Metro Male. His Name is Prashant. He became the first customer of He surprised his wife  Preeti on her birthday with this stunning looking  turquoise bracelet . Image  He did n’t stop there because he is a Metro Male.

He also bought a stylish platinum and gold cufflinks for himself.   Image 

He then entered into Saving scheme on, to give her a bigger surprise …….and this time to gift her something which she is not even aware of. A Victorian Style Necklace for their wedding anniversary.



 Need to say that Preeti is clean bowled. All this only at

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It’s expensive ……. but not anymore

Yes! With any jewellery piece is very much within your reach. You sign up with us and then enjoy the benefits of owning any set of jewellery items through our various plans. Be it your next birthday and you wanted to buy that stunning piece of ring made of pink gold and and diamond Image or this stunning ring.  Image


Or be it your marriage and you wanted to wear this  most beautiful Diamond and Ruby Choker on your D day ….

Imageor be it your college annual day and you wanted that special piece of gold tassel danglers on your gown       Image you can easily own through our Save to buy option. Plan well in advance and get into ” save to buy ” option and own the jewellery  so that you can wear it the day you need.

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Toe Ring – a beautiful embellishment to your feet

Toe rings look beautiful if worn on a well maintained manicured feet on any dress.

Lot of designs and color combinations are available today in gold n silver in hues of ruby, emerald and many more.ImageSome are simple. But see this Silver and Ruby Toe ring. Stunning isn’t it.Toe ring Ruby



Then this self designed floral gold toe ring. Looks dainty and cute on any  woman’s feet. A perfect gift isn’t it.

Image Show that you care for her. Gift her this cute toe ring in enamel.Image

If you want a rich toe ring then this emerald Toe ring. Image

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Rich N Stylish … Make a Statement through Clip Ons

Make a style statement through hair accessories. If they are Rich and stylish all the more interesting. From a 5 year old princess to a 25 year old queen ….. everyone looks smashing in these cute but rich hair clip ons…

Check this  ruby clip on…. Image Then  this Image pearl clip on. One time investment. But a style collection forever.

What about this Image Topaz hair clip. Gold Hair clips are elegant and stunning.  Image Ummm ….can we finish this collection with a Diamond Clip…..Image

We can Save to buy these one time investment style accessories. How to Save and Where to Save….. Very soon on

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Tiaras For Wedding Reception

Image     For your Wedding reception adorn this stunning tiara either on your open hair or on a chignon / bun. While it is one time investment the jewellery will last forever while adding huge difference to your look on your D day.

ImageCheck these various styles in different metals and pearls. Image 


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Black pearl or a …….. Tahitian pearl.

Black pearls are formed when that piece of sand gets stuck in the body of a very specific type of oyster, the Tahitian black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera.Image

 It takes two years for an oyster to mature enough to begin producing pearls.Image

However, Tahitian pearls have the ability to contain various undertones and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow. All (or any combination) of these colors may be seen in a cultured Tahitian pearl. But black Tahitian Pearls are expensive compared to its coloured cousins.


The versatility and mixture of color give it its value.  Image Very soon on For enquiries

Emerald … A Stone Of Love

Emerald is dedicated to Goddess Venus. Image

It is also called the “Stone of Successful Love,”  Image

A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Image


Emerald promotes friendship,

balance between partners              Image


and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty. Then why wait ….. express your love through emeralds.

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Silver Jugs and Glasses for your sweet home

Silver Jugs and Glasses for your sweet home.

Silver Jugs and Glasses for your sweet home

My great granny and grand mom ‘s houses were full of silver utensils. My mom also uses silver vessels till date. Only me deviated this rule of using silver vessels on daily basis. Suddenly everyone is conscious of using plastic bottles for storing drinking water. Mom says why not use Silver jugs and silver glasses instead. The idea excited me. I digged out my Silver Jug and glass set and placed it on my dining table. Wow!!!! The look changed ………. It looked royal …. elegant ….. rich….. stylish ….. and healthy too.


    Image You have wide choices to pick from. See this tall and elegant Water Jug.  Enquiries to 

Gold …. Oak .. Jade ….. Peridot……. Emerald….. Only Rectangle

Lavender Oak gem and Gold Rectangle Bracelet. This is not only trendy but looks lovely. No doubt a perfect gift for that special loved one.  Image Check this trendy stylish emerald rectangle ear rings made in platinum.

Image  Then this is a stunning rectangle .platinum and blue stones neck piece.        Image Finally an unusual trendy ring made in Peridot. Image Very soon on For enquiries send a mail to